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Bingo with a Difference

Posted by admin on January 31, 2009

Our best activities in our complex is Bingo. We play bingo in our complex 3 times per week and we find it attracts the most Tenants. We don’t play for cash prizes but things like shower gel, house cleaning products, sweets, ornaments and sometimes we include a lottery ticket which always goes down well. It means tenants that don’t get out that often have the chance of winning something that they maybe find very useful. If they don’t need the prize they have won they will then swap it with another tenant who has something more exciting.


When the tenants come down to the hall they pay £1 for a book of six games and so it does not drag on we only do a single line and the last house is a full house with a slightly better prize. We then play 3 games and stop for tea/coffee and cakes and have a break of 15 minutes to allow the tenants to have a wee blether and mix with any other tenants in the hall. This is always a good time to introduce any new tenants and make them feel welcome. The bingo all in take about 1 hour and after that some tenants sit on in the lounge and have a blether. On a Sunday we play hoy and its bingo played with playing cards instead of numbers .The cards that are shouted out and we have special hoy cards made up and once all your card are out you shout “Hoy” instead of bingo and if you shout bingo you don’t get the prize. This can be fun to watch and gets the brain going. 

Hope this helps!



Ann Sloan, Assistant Housing Support Officer, Smithycroft Very Sheltered Housing, Glasgow 





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