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Posted by on August 24, 2009
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Hello my name is Melanie and I’m a Activities Co-ordinator at Dorset House in Droitwich.

At Dorset House I organised a halloween party we started off my having the local nurseries visit us in costume to do trick or treating at dinnertime, this was convient for us as well as the children as all the residents were in one place and the children stayed for refreshments we had sweets on each dining room table and the residents enjoyed giving out the treats plus we could monitor no money was exchanged.

The staff dressed up including some of the residents and i decorated the dining room with decorations, which the residents made the week before in Arts and Crafts Sessions.

At tea time we had a spooky menu which we served food with scarey names e.g. Eyeball and blood punch ( Blackcurrent juice with grapes) Then i went round the residents with a box decorated in halloween paper and each resident had to put there hand in to get a prize, everyone enjoyed themselves as it was like trick or treating again when they were younger.

Finally we had a bingo session where we invited the residents and their relatives to join in and had a raffle with a few prizes, tickets cost £3.00 for a book and a glass of fruit juice or wine.

Hope this helps with Halloween this year.