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Music Activities


Posted by admin on February 23, 2009
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Here at Westacres every Friday afternoon we have a choir.  Volunteers come in and play the guitar and sing with the residents and staff.  It is one of the best turn outs we have for any activity and is enjoyed by residents, visitors and staff.  We have songs typed out on A4 paper (quite large font) so that everyone can join in the singing.
Hope this helps with your activity forum.
Angela Ryan, Westacres Care Home, Glasgow.
PS you don’t have to have anyone playing an instrument to have this activity.

Music Session

Posted by Lisa09 on January 31, 2009
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The best activity in our home (Avonpark, Strathaven) is the Music session. this is where i grab the box of instruments that we have and get the residents to make as much noise as they possibly can. At the minute i have the residents helping me write a song. they seem to enjoy this activity as they can suggest anything for the song and help with the music for it. it gets the brain going and makes for a fun & noisey afternoon


Lisa, Activities coordinator, Avonpark care home, Strathaven.