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Tips for a great sing-a-long

5 Tips for a Successful Sing-a-Long

Posted by admin on January 29, 2009
Tips for a great sing-a-long / No Comments

This article was written by Peter Chalmers. In the last 10 years I have performed well over 5000 shows in care homes. The majority of places that I have been to have been great and follow the common sense tips given, but for anyone new hopefully these can help. 

1. Try and have everyone in and ready on time for your entertainer starting at the agreed time. If your entertainer is any good he/she will likely have another show to go to after yours and won’t be able to run over the agreed time.


2. If you are giving out drinks and nibbles the best thing to do is to try and give them out before the entertainment starts so they can enjoy them throughout the show. It can easily distract the residents from the show when there is a lot of fuss going on around them. (Try and think of it as if it were you watching your favourite TV show or at a concert and someone was asking you and all the people around you what you want to eat or drink.) If you are having a buffet, again the best thing to do is to have it after the show and then everyone can talk about how the show went.


3. If you have staff on shift with an “outgoing personality” that will dance and interact with the residents try and have them work with you while the entertainment is on. It makes a major positive difference to the whole audience when they see people up dancing and enjoying themselves. Any good entertainer will be delighted to get involved and also dance with the residents but will need to see them up before they know that they are able. Unfortunately there are a minority of places where they see an entertainer coming as an excuse to leave the entertainer on their own with the residents while they go for a break or to do something else. This is obviously not what it is all about and there is only so much that an entertainer can do on there own.


4. This is more from an entertainers point of view, but It is a great help to the entertainer if you are paying them on the day to have the payment ready for them. This will mean it doesn’t hold them up and make them late for the next show where their residents are waiting on a show.



5. Entertainment costs money and therefore normally doesn’t happen all the time so try and make it a special time for the residents, and get the best value for your money.


Please note these tips are not meant as a rant from an entertainer, but we all know how hard it is for getting funds for entertainment. We also understand the challenges from the “homes” point of view trying to organise everything. We all want what’s best for the residents, and if these small points can be followed it will make a huge difference to their enjoyment.

Hope this helps!